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World Urbanization and the Race for Resources
Mining professionals travel the world to find and exploit natural resources. In most cases, multinational mining companies are headquartered in an urban center while the mines or the prospective reserves are located in the frontiers of the developing world. Today’s interconnected world is a much different place to do business than it was as little as 10 or 20 years ago. Business leaders are more aware of what is happening on a global basis, which enables them to predict with relative certainty the needs of society and anticipate demand for resources. The rate of growth, however, is accelerating. While much of the knowledge about mining and engineering expertise remains in the developed world, power is shifting to the developing economies. Will today’s engineers be able to meet tomorrow’s needs?

Rapid global urbanization will lead to an unprecedented demand for natural resources. According to Prime Numbers, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, over the next......... read more

                                          Steve Fiscor, Editor in Chief






Australian Company Starts Construction on U.S. Chromite Operation
Following a February 11 decision by the U.S. District Court ruling that an environmental group’s request for an injunction to delay work at a 2,600-acre mineral sands property near Coos Bay, Oregon, USA, was without merit, Australia-based Industrial Minerals Corp.—through its subsidiary Oregon Resources Corp. (ORC)—officially claimed status as the only U.S. domestic producer of foundry-grade chromite......... read more

Boliden Expanding at Garpenberg
Boliden has announced plans to invest SEK3.9 billion (about $606 million) to expand production at its Garpenberg mine, 150 km northwest of Stockholm, Sweden. The expansion will nearly double production of mined ore at Garpenberg from 1.4 million mt/y currently to 2.5 million mt/y by the end of 2015. Spending will go toward construction of a new concentrator, new shafts and underground facilities, and infrastructure upgrades. At the same time, the production cost per ton of ore....... read more



Fronteer Agrees to Friendly Acquisition by Newmont
Newmont Mining and Fronteer Gold announced an agreement in early February 2011 pursuant to which Newmont will acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Fronteer. Fronteer shareholders will receive C$14 in cash and one common share in a new company, Pilot Gold, which will own certain exploration assets of Fronteer, for each common share of Fronteer. The cash consideration values Fronteer at about C$2.3 billion, excluding Pilot Gold..... read more

Talvivaara Signs Uranium Deal with Cameco
Talvivaara Mining has signed off-take agreements with Cameco Corp. for uranium produced at Talvivaara’s Sotkamo mine in eastern Finland. As part of the agreement, Cameco will provide an upfront investment of up to $60 million to cover construction costs of a uranium extraction circuit in the Sotkamo processing plant, which primarily recovers nickel, zinc and copper from bio heap leach process solutions. Uranium grade in the Talvivaara ore averages 15 to 20 ppm, and..... read more
Taseko Adding Capacity at Gibraltar, Submits New Project Plan
Taseko Mines announced in mid-February 2011 approval by its board of directors of plans to proceed with its Gibraltar Development Plan 3 (GDP3), which will include construction of a 30,000-st/d concentrator to complement the existing 55,000-st/d facility at the Gibraltar mine in south-central British Columbia. Shortly thereafter, Taseko submitted a new project description for its Prosperity gold-copper project, also in south-central British Columbia, to Canada’s federal..... read more
Horsehead Considering New Zinc Plant
Horsehead Holding Corp. has completed a preliminary feasibility study for construction of a new 150,000-st/y zinc plant based on state-of-the-art "green" technology. The new plant would replace the company’s existing plant at Monaca, Pennsylvania. Numerous potential sites are under consideration for the plant site in multiple states, including the current Monaca site. Some of the company’s criteria for site selection include electric power costs, environmental permitting process and requirements, labor costs and the value.... read more


Romarco Announces Positive Haile Feasibility Study
Romarco Minerals has reported positive results for a feasibility study of its 100%- owned, open-pit Haile gold project in Lancaster County, South Carolina. Highlights of the study at a base case gold price of $950/oz include a mine life in excess of 13 years at a mill throughput of 7,000 st/d, producing 172,000 oz of gold during the first year of operation and an average of 150,000 oz/y during the first five years of operation. Proven and probable reserves total 2 million oz of gold at a reserve grade of 2.06 g/mt.... read more
AROUND THE WORLD - Latin America
Exeter Acquires Caspiche Project in Chile
Exeter Resource Corp. has exercised its option to acquire the mineral properties comprising the Caspiche gold-copper project in the Maricunga district, Chile, from Anglo American. Anglo will retain a 3% net smelter royalty on production from the project. Jacobs Engineering currently is conducting two pre-feasibility studies for Caspiche. The first study is considering a stand-alone oxide-gold project to mine the upper part of the deposit…… read more
Crystallex Files for Arbitration Following Contract Termination
Crystallex International announced in mid-February 2011 it filed a request for arbitration before the Additional Facility of the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes following receipt earlier in February of a letter from Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) stating that Crystallex’s mine operating contract (MOC) for the Las Cristinas project in Bolivar state, Venezuela, had been "unilaterally terminated" by the CVG. As the basis for the termination, CVG cited…. read more


AROUND THE WORLD - Australasia
Nautilus Gains Deep-Sea Mining Lease from PNG
Nautilus Minerals reported in mid-January 2011 the government of Papua New Guinea granted the world’s first deep-sea mining lease for development of Nautilus’ Solwara 1 project in the Bismark Sea about 50 km north of the port of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. The lease covers an area of approximately 59 km2 surrounding the Solwara 1 deposit, where Nautilus intends to mine high-grade, sea-floor copper and gold deposits at depths of about 1,600 m below the sea surface…. read more

Xstrata Completes Ernest Henry Magnetite Plant
Xstrata Copper completed construction of the magnetite base plant at its Ernest Henry mine in Queensland in early February 2011. The plant is a key component of an A$589-million project to transform Ernest Henry into a major underground copper-gold operation. The plant will produce magnetite concentrate as an important byproduct of the copper-gold concentrating process. At full capacity, production will total about 1.2 million mt/y of magnetite concentrate. Exports of the concentrate from Townsville  …. read more




Vale Commissions Oman Pelletizing Plants and Distribution Center
Vale has begun commissioning the first of two iron ore pelletizing plants at its new industrial complex in Oman. Design capacity for each plant is 4.5 million mt/y of direct reduction pellets. The complex also includes a distribution center with capacity to handle 40 million mt/y. Combined capital cost for the pellet plants and distribution center is expected total $1.356 billion…. read more

Alcoa and China Power Plan Aluminum, Energy Projects
Alcoa and the China Power Investment Corp. (CPI) will collaborate on a broad range of aluminum and energy projects representing more than $7.5 billion of potential investment over the coming years under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the companies on January 18. CPI is one of the five major power generation groups in China, with an installed capacity of 70 GW. It is also China’s second largest aluminum producer with 2 million mt/y of aluminum smelting capacity…. read more

First Quantum Will Expand Zambian Copper Output
First Quantum Minerals reported in late January it is pursuing a two-phase expansion of its 80%-owned Kansanshi copper mining and processing operations in Zambia. When complete, the expansions are expected to lift Kansanshi production capacity from 250,000 mt/y of copper currently to 400,000 mt/y in 2015. The Kanshansi concentrator produces oxide concentrates for SX/EW processing on site and sulphide concentrates for shipment to smelters. Phase 1 of the expansion is…. read more

Semafo Expanding Mana Gold Plant
Semafo is undertaking a fourth phase of plant expansion at its Mana gold mine in Burkina Faso. Throughput capacity will increase by 1,200 mt/d to 7,200 mt/d for bedrock and 8,000 mt/d for blended ore. Gold production, currently at about 180,000 oz/y, is expected to increase by an additional 26,000 to 30,000 oz/y. Primary changes to the processing plant will include addition of a pebble crusher; utilization of the third ball mill, previously used as back-up; addition of two CIL tanks; addition of a thickener; additional gensets; critical…… read more


Alpha Makes a Bid for Massey Energy

Alpha Natural Resources and Massey Energy announced at the end of January an $8.5 billion deal where Alpha would acquire all outstanding shares of Massey common stock. The merger would create a coal company with more than 110 mines and combined coal reserves of approximately 5 billion tons, including one of the world’s largest and highest-quality metallurgical coal reserve bases. The new Alpha Natural Resources will, according to the company, be well positioned to…. read more


FEATURE - Underground Haulage
Underground Trucks Adapt to Meet Future Needs
With increased attention to safety and productivity, truck makers look at ways to engage the operator and eliminate downtime

By Steve Fiscor, Editor-in-Chief

Hauling ore is an important aspect of the underground mining process that is often taken for granted until something goes wrong. Similar to any piece of mining equipment, the more consistently underground mine trucks run, the more they produce. When availability diminishes or they go down unexpectedly, which seems to happen at the worst possible time and location, mine production takes a big hit. Underground mine trucks have improved steadily with the times. Technology affords the operators conveniences that were not available before and sophisticated electronics allow maintenance technicians to effectivelydiagnose problems. Today’s machines are designed with safety and service in mind……. read more

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FEATURE - Drilling
Water-powered Rock Drill Offers Potential Savings for South Africa’s Deep Mines
Peterstow Aquapower says its closed-loop system uses only a fraction of the energy, water and infrastructure required by its conventional competitors

By Russell A. Carter, Managing Editor

It wouldn’t be totally surprising for someone hearing the gist of a story involving two Scotsmen, a new twist on centuries-old technology, an abandoned industrial property in a Southern African monarchy and the ongoing quest for deeply buried gold to imagine they were perhaps listening to the outline of a movie script—or maybe just the beginning of an intriguing bar tale. Quite the contrary, these are the principal components of Peterstow Aquapower, a hydropower-focused enterprise that is knocking on the doors of conservative South African precious-metal mining houses, promising significant..... read more


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FEATURE - Fleet Management
Remote Possibilities
Mining fleet operators continually look for methods and technologies that lead to better asset management. Remote machine health monitoring provides a wide avenue of opportunity for improvement in this area.

By Russell A. Carter, Managing Editor

The economic collapse that deflated the industry’s last boom resulted in major changes throughout the ranks of mining companies—some couldn’t cope with the financial duress and failed; many cut costs to the bone and survived; and others developed a clearer focus on the changed economic landscape through which they’ll have to maneuver for the foreseeable future. Companies began looking at new ways for solving old problems, including those posed by one of the most common business challenges: cost-effective resource management in an …... read more

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FEATURE - Lithium
Lithium: Good Potential, or Needing a Jump Start?

As consumption recovers from the recession, demand for one of the lightest metals—lithium—is on the up again

By Simon Walker, European Editor

The term ‘light metals’ is often used to encompass lithium, beryllium, magnesium, sodium, titanium and aluminum, all of which have widespread applications in day-to-day life. Here, however, the focus is on lithium; the magnesium market is in crisis, titanium and aluminum occupy a much larger market segment on their own, while sodium is principally of importance for its chemical properties rather than its metallurgy. In a way comparable to rare earths in that the world’s production capacity is highly concentrated in just a few places, lithium has become increasingly important over the past 20 years. Its use in rechargeable batteries especially has resulted in rising demand..... read more


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BASF MEYCO Thin Spray-On Liners
Changes in humidity and temperature affect weak strata, causing rock falls and rib degradation. Effective surface protection against weathering of rock and strata are critical to the safety, efficiency and longevity of any mining operation.
MEYCO Thin Spray-On Liners (TSLs) are ready-to-use, fast-setting polymers offering progressively increasing tensile strength development. They provide an excellent bond to almost any substrate, including concrete, rock, coal and steel ground support components. MEYCO TSLs can be used for: - Stabilization of rock and coal through substrate sealing - Preliminary slope protection - Preliminary and temporary support - Rehabilitating or constructing ventilation structures - Shaft bottoms, air intake shafts, maintenance areas, belt drives, beltentries, power centers, refuge chamber storage in coal mines... watch the video
GIA - Experience and Innovation
These two words symbolize GIA Industri AB. Experience as a result of our long-standing involvement and in-depth knowledge of the underground- and steelwork industry, and innovation that is substantiated by our constant strive to introduce new ideas and developments... watch the video
Volvo Penta - Industrial Engines
Our product range covers engines for electrical power generation, 50 and 60 Hz. Industrial engines for stationary and off-road applications. This, combined with a complete range of genuine parts, a world-wide service network and full technical support, is our offer to you... watch the video
MTG Systems - StarMet
Tooth adapter system for mining - increasing the productivity of excavators from 60 to 400 tonnes and loaders from 70 to 350 tonnes.

- Safety: No impact acidents from flying metal particles.
- Ease: Tooth changing effort lower than using a hammer.
- Easier to Use: One person can change the tooth.... watch the video


Mines Install New-Generation Ventilation Fans
GIA Industries’ latest generation of its Swedvent underground ventilation fans and ducting systems have recently been installed at several large underground mines in Russia and elsewhere, including the Apatit and Olcon mines in Murmansk; the Mayskoe mine in Eastern Russia; Alrosa mine in Udachnaya; and the Magadan Lunnoe and Ducat silver mines …. read more
Non-contact Transmitter Penetrates Froth to Measure Pulp Height
Melbourne, Australia-based Hawk Measurement Systems, a provider of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, has introduced a new pulp height sensor for optimizing flotation cells. The company says its very low frequency Acoustic Wave Transmitter is non-intrusive and will penetrate through froth to measure pulp height. The sensor, according to the company, is mounted above the froth and pulp level, reducing maintenance or mechanical problems, and the transmitter can be mounted at walkway height for easy…… read more
Rugged, Programmable Water Dosing System Runs on Solar Power
Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp. has introduced a programmable, solar-powered chemical dosing system featuring a non-metallic, peristaltic pump for corrosion-free transfer of caustic and acidic treatment chemicals from an integral storage tank to water containment facilities in remote locations. The Flex-I-Liner model 12 pump uses a rotor mounted on an eccentric shaft to push fluid trapped…. read more

Skid-mounted Jaw Crusher Boosts Availability at Uranium Mine
Paladin Africa has commissioned new crushing and conveying equipment which it says has led to increased utilization and flexibility in the crushing section at its Kayelekera uranium mine in northern Malawi. According to Paladin Africa’s Production Engineer John Chandler, Pilot Crushtec delivered a skid-mounted jaw crusher and crusher feed system which has "provided flexibility at the front end of the plant which now gives us two crushing options, which has led to an increase  .…… read more


New High-seam Shearer
Eickhoff Mining has announced the availability of the SL 900 Shearer Loader, its newest high-seam shearer. The Eickhoff SL 900 has a mining range of 7.8 to 13.5 ft (2.6 to 4.5 m), and is considered an intermediate-size machine between the company’s SL 750 and the SL 1000. According to Eickhoff, the SL 900 combines many of the advantages of the two other shearers with its mining range flexibility and installed power rating of 3,154 hp (2350 kW)…. read more
System Reduces Air-compressor Fuel Usage
Sandvik Mining and Construction has developed a new compressor-management system (CMS) that, it says, helps blasthole drill-rig operators to save money and reduce environmental impact. The system does this by managing the volume of air required at all times, so the compressor runs at full volume only when needed. Yet, full productivity is still delivered, Sandvik adds, with less expense on fuel, and fewer emissions into the atmosphere. The system will be an option on new Sandvik drills, starting with deliveries after May 2011, and can also be retrofitted…. read more

Plastic Stemming Plugs for Better Blasting
Advanced Blasting Technology now manufactures its RockLock stemming plug in the United States; all diameters of the plug are now built and shipped from its New York facility. According to the company, the RockLock plug creates energy confinement and reduces stemming ejection to offer more reliable blasting results. By improving confinement, RockLock is claimed to enhance  .…. read more

Twiflex – Mill Braking System
Since 2004 Twiflex Ltd and their USA partner, Hilliard Corporation, have been involved in supplying brake systems for Gearless SAG and Ball mill drives.  Their success continues with the current supply of a 6 brake system to Metso Minerals Industries Inc. for the Mount Milligan mine in Canada.
The scope of supply for this project will include two stations with Twiflex spring-applied VMSDP brakes plus an electro-hydraulic power pack….read more

Dozer Models are Tier 4i Compliant
Caterpillar says its new D6T, D7E and D8T bulldozers feature engine and aftertreatment solutions to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 Interim emissions standards. The D6T and D7E use Cat’s C9.3 ACERT engine and the D8T uses the C15 ACERT engine, having net horsepower ratings of 205, 235 and 310, respectively. These engines employ Cat’s NOx Reduction System and…. read more



APRIL 4–8, 2011: Asia Mining Congress 2011, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Contact: Christine Foo; Tel: 65 63222793; Fax: 65 62263264; E-mail: ;

APRIL 5–7, 2011: MiningExpo Uzbekistan 2011, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Contact: Ahmad Ismoilov; Tel: 998 71 234 00 34/241 12 11 / 241 12 44; Fax: 998 71 241 12 11; E-mail: ; Web:

APRIL 5–9, 2011: SMOPYC, International Show of Public Works, Construction and Mining Machinery, Zaragoza, Spain Contact: Alarcón & Harris; Tel: 34 91 415 30 20; Fax: 34 91 415 30 20; E-mail:; Web:

MAY 4–6, 2011: Arminera, Buenos Aires, Argentina. CAEM; Tel: (54-11) 4313-1652, (54-11) 4313-9331; Fax: (54-11) 4313-9328; E-mail:; Web:


MAY 15–18, 2011: Haulage & Loading, Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA Contact: Tanna Holzer; Tel: 303-283-0640; E-mail:; Web:

JUNE 13–17, 2011: Expornor, Antofagasta, Chile Contact: Industrial Association of Antofagasta; Tel: 56-55-454325; Fax: 56-55-454330; E-mail:; Web:

JUNE 21–23, 2011: Longwall USA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Contact: Tanna Holzer; Tel: 303-283-0640; E-mail:; Web:

JULY 6–8, 2011: HydroCopper 2011—6th International Seminar on Copper Hydrometallurgy, Viña del Mar, Chile Contact: Industrial Association of Antofagasta; Tel: 56-55-454325; Fax: 56-55-454330; E-mail:; Web:

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Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. recently announced a number of global commercial, operating and administrative management promotions. Terence Mee has been promoted to senior vice president of global iron ore and metallic sales; William Hart has been promoted to vice president of global marketing; William McFadden has been promoted to vice president of global coal and alternative energy sales; Colin Williams has been promoted to vice president of Asia Pacific iron ore; James Michaud has been promoted to senior vice president of human resources; Terrance Paradie has been promoted to senior vice president of corporate controller and chief accounting officer; Steven Raguz has been promoted to senior vice president of corporate strategy and treasurer; and Steven Baisden has been promoted to vice president of investor relations and communications. Cliffs also announced a comprehensive global reorganization that will realign global management responsibilities for its commercial sales and marketing, operating and corporate support. Donald J. Gallagher has been appointed executive vice president, president of global commercial; Duncan P. Price has been appointed executive vice president, president of global operations; and Clifford Smith has been appointed senior vice president of global business development. The company announced William Calfee, executive vice president, commercial, North American iron ore, will retire in July 2011.

Ta Li has been appointed vice president of operations in Tetra Tech’s Golden, Colorado, USA, office.

The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame recently inducted three new members. The 2011 inductees are: Mike Muzylowski, Bert Wasmund and the late John T. Williamson.  Muzylowski is currently president and CEO of Callinan Mines Ltd. And has played a lead role in the discovery of 16 mineral deposits that have become mines: 13 primarily base metal operations in Manitoba, two gold producers in Nevada and the Snap Lake diamond mine in the Northwest Territories. Dr. Wasmund is an internationally recognized authority on metallurgical processing and is currently an executive director at Hatch. Dr. Williamson discovered, developed from his own resources and operated the very successful Williamson diamond mine in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame honors those who have demonstrated outstanding lifetime achievements that have benefitted the Canadian minerals industry.

Kennametal Inc. has appointed Gretchen W. Jezerc vice president of global product management.

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