OCTOBER 9-10, 2019: China Mining 2019, Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center, Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China.
Contact: Web: www.chinaminingtj.org.

OCTOBER 22-25, 2019: Convencion Internacional de Mineria, Mundo Imperial Acapulco, Mexico.
Contact: Web: www.expomineria.mx

OCTOBER 30-NOVEMBER 2, 2019: China Coal & Mining Expo, New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China.
Contact: Web: www.chinaminingcoal.com.

NOVEMBER 6-9, 2019: International Mining Exhibition (IME) 2019, EcoPark, Kolkata, India.
Contact: Web: www.international-miningexhibition.com

NOVEMBER 19-20, 2019: Smart Mining Conference, Tivoli Conference Center, Aachen, Germany.
Contact: Web: www.smartmining.info

DECEMBER 2-6, 2019: The 2019 American Exploration & Mining Association annual meeting, Nugget Casino Resort, Sparks, Nevada, USA.
Contact: Web: www.miningamerica.org

JANUARY 26-29, 2020: International Society of Explosives Engineers, Denver, Colorado.
Contact: Web: www.isee.org

FEBRUARY 3-6, 2020: MiningIndaba, Cape Town, South Africa.
Contact: Web: www.miningindaba.com

FEBRUARY 23-26, 2020: The annual Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) conference and exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona.
Contact: Web: www.smenet.org

MARCH 1-3, 2020: The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’s annual meeting, Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada.
Contact: Web: www.pdac.ca

APRIL 20-24, 2020: Expomin, Santiago, Chile.
Contact: Web: www.expomin.cl

APRIL 21-23, 2020: MiningWorld Russia, Moscow, Russia.
Contact: Web: www.miningworld-events.com

MAY 3-6, 2020: Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM), Vancouver, Canada.
Contact: Web: www.convention.cim.org/2020

JUNE 1-5, 2020: Elko Mining, Elko, Nevada, USA.
Contact: Web: www.elkocva.com

JUNE 2-5, 2020: UGOL & Russia, Novkutznesk, Russia.
Contact: Web: www.ugol-rossii.com

JUNE 6-7, 2019: Elko Mining Expo, Elko Nevada, USA.
Contact: Web: www.ExploreElko.com.

JUNE 9-11, 2020: Euro Mine Expo, Skelleftea, Sweden.
Contact: Web: www.euromineexpo.com

SEPTEMBER 7-11, 2020: Electra Mining, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Contact: Web: www.electramining.co.za

SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2020: MINExpo INTERNATIONAL, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Contact: Web: www.minexpo.com