Sev.en Suspends Production at CSA

Severni Energeticka uses BWEs to mine brown coal in the Czech Republic.
(Photo: Sev.en)
Czech-based Severni Energeticka will suspend mining at its CSA brown coal site and lay off 485 workers by July, Reuters reported. A final decision on terminating operations at the mining site will be made in the next few months.

Severni Energeticka manages the mining site for the Czechoslovak Army (CSA), which includes mining soft coal with bucketwheels (BWEs). CSA also operates the Komorany coal processing facility. While the operation has an estimated 100 years of reserves, mining is limited by the Government Resolution of 1991 and mining was expected to cease in 2024.

“Mining will end in a controlled manner during the next few months,” said Petr Lenc, CEO Severni Energeticka, a division of Sev.en Energy. “For now, it is a suspension of mining. If the need for our coal re-appears for electricity or heat production during the winter, we are prepared to partially resume operations.

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