Automated Belt Monitoring System

The HX170 belt condition monitoring system is easy
to install and allows preventive maintenance measures
to be accomplished in a timely manner, avoiding
unscheduled maintenance and production delays,
according to Schmersal.
German safety engineering specialist Schmersal displayed a fully automated online condition monitoring system for conveyor belt systems.

The company said its HX170 system is based on optical condition monitoring of the surface profile, which detects potential damage to joints as well as longitudinal slits, cracks and holes in the surface of the conveyor belt. With the reverse drum as a reference, wear can also be determined by permanent belt thickness measurement.

The system is integrated into the local automation system via floating relay contacts. In addition, for pending alarms, the user can access detailed information about any damage in the form of a 3D image of the surface of the belt through the user interface.

According to Schmersal, the HX170 system is suitable for use on all flat textile and steel-wire belts, regardless of the manufacturer. The system adapts automatically to new conveyor belts and to systems already in use. If wear or damage is detected, the belts can be moved automatically to pre-defined repair stations for closer inspection.

‘When conveyor belts experience problems, it’s often already too late. The fully automated HX170 condition monitoring system allows preventive maintenance measures to be taken promptly, thereby reducing unscheduled downtime,’ said Heiko Bach, business development manager for heavy industry at the Schmersal Group.

As featured in Womp 2023 Vol 05 -