Allied Receives Permits for the Klondike Property in Colorado

Allied Copper Corp. has received the required permits to begin the 2022 drilling program at the Klondike property, located in southwestern Colorado, United States. The Klondike property consists of 76 unpatented mining claims, a state of Colorado exploration permit and an exclusive right to a state lease.

“Our previous mapping and sampling work, in conjunction with the recently completed magnetics survey, results of which will be published shortly, have identified a number of compelling targets for drill testing,” Allied Copper Chairman Warner Uhl said. “Over the June quarter, we have progressed our targeting initiatives whilst being cognizant of our treasury and are pleased to be in a position where we are fully funded through this program.”

The company is finalizing bond placement to enable the program to commence on or about July 15. Planning and logistics for the program are well underway and the drill plan will be announced once details are finalized prior to the program startup.

As featured in Womp 2022 Vol 07 -