Nutrien Will Increase Fertilizer Production Capability

Nutrien Ltd. plans to increase fertilizer production capability in response to structural changes in global energy, agriculture and fertilizer markets.

Nutrien is accelerating the ramp-up of its annual potash production capability to 18 million metric tons (mt) by 2025 in response to the uncertainty of supply from eastern Europe. This represents an increase of more than 5 million mt, or 40%, compared to production in 2020. The acceleration pathway is through existing low-cost capacity that is unmatched in the industry and supported by worldclass global logistics infrastructure, the company said. The incremental production capability is expected to be added at a similar annual pace to the additions over the past two years.

To boost production, the company will hire and train approximately 350 people and invest in underground mining equipment, mine development, storage and loadout capacity. Nutrien continues to evaluate additional low-cost brownfi eld expansion opportunities beyond 18 million mt at its Saskatchewan mines that would supply longer-term market demand growth.

As featured in Womp 2022 Vol 07 -