Liberty Gold Confirms Major Gold Discovery at Rangefront

Follow-up reverse circulation (RC) drilling at Liberty Gold Corp.’s D-4 discovery at Rangefront confirms the presence of a major new mineralized zone at its In 2020, the Diavik mine (above) produces 6.2 million ct. REGIONAL NEWS - U.S. & CANADA DECEMBER 2021 • E&MJ 11 Black Pine oxide gold project in southeast Idaho. This area, located to the southeast of Rangefront fault, is being renamed Rangefront Focus Area (RFA), as its scale is potentially similar to the Discovery Zone, where three-quarters of the Black Pine resource is located. Drilling to date has expanded this broad mineralized zone 1,000 meters (m) in a north-south direction, with potential to expand at least 800 m in an east-west direction.

The RFA remains open to extension in all directions outward from the initial D-4 discovery area, with assay results from 25 additional holes pending. Two drills are now focused exclusively on the RFA to sequentially drill off the discovery for incorporation into an updated resource estimate. A third drill will be moved to this area with drilling continuing through the winter months. The company is targeting an updated mineral resource estimate and PEA, which will now include the RFA, in the third quarter of 2022.

“Our drilling has now confirmed that the Rangefront D-4 discovery is not an isolated occurrence and is part of a much larger oxide gold system that currently extends over 1 kilometer to the north, merging with shallow mineralization identified in historical drilling,” Liberty Gold President and CEO Cal Everett said. “As well, there are indications that D-4 mineralization extends to the east and may merge with the Rangefront resource pits, over an aggregate distance of 800 m. “As we continue to aggressively drill this 1 km2 area centered on the D-4 discovery, we foresee the area growing into another large open-pit gold deposit, potentially rivalling the Discovery Zone in size. Importantly, the RFA represents only a portion of a district-scale oxide gold system that covers more than 10 km2.

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