Southern Peru Plans US$122M Investment in Cuajone

Among other improvements, the company plans to optimize HPGR and improve the leach crushing system.
Southern Peru Copper Corp. has budgeted an investment of US$122 million to improve its Cuajone copper mine in Peru. Peruvian newspaper Gestión reported that the new improvements in the pipeline include the optimization of the improvement of the Cuajone drinking water treatment plant, capable of working at 170 m3/h, so it can guarantee compliance with the Regulation of Water Quality for Human Consumption. This measure is based on the combination of technologies of physicochemical treatment, adsorption and ultrafiltration by membrane.

The changes also include the replacement and modification of the Suches-Botiflaca fresh water pipe, the improvement of maintenance workshops, the improvement of the final disposal area for industrial waste, the optimization of the high pressure grinding (HPGR), and improvement of the leach crushing system, among others.

The company also plans to convert the existing HPGR into a quaternary crushing circuit to treat the total coarse production that comes out of the current secondary and tertiary crushing plant, and it also plans to expand the storage warehouse by approximately 676 m2, which will allow an additional capacity of 4,720 tons and an additional volume of 2,360 m3 of copper concentrate.

As featured in Womp 2021 Vol 08 -