Grupo México Will Invest in Sonoran Smelter

Grupo México is planning to invest $3.1 billion for metal refining in the state of Sonora and electrical infrastructure for a key mine in the isolated Baja California peninsula, according to Executive Vice President Xavier García. The six-year investment plan includes a $2.3 billion expansion to the existing smelting capacity in Sonora, the northern state where the company’s main mines are located, and $815 million for new power lines for the Baja California peninsula.

The proposed power infrastructure includes a 500-km-long transmission line that runs north-south along the southern half of the peninsula.

García de Quevedo also said the company estimates an investment of almost $9 billion through 2027, including $2.8 billion previously announced for its El Arco copper mine, which would anchor the investment in energy in the Baja peninsula. The remainder will be distributed in additional infrastructure, two other mines and new zinc refining capacity.

As featured in Womp 2021 Vol 06 -