Arizona Court Rules in Favor of Florence Copper Project Gold

The Arizona Court of Appeals has confirmed all aspects of the Superior Court of Arizona’s 2019 decision in favor of the Florence Copper project and rejected the arguments made by the town of Florence. The court upheld Florence Copper’s right to mine its private property within the town and awarded $1.7 million in legal fees and costs to Florence Copper.

“We are certainly happy with the appellate court decision, which draws to a close all outstanding litigation brought by the town,” said Stuart McDonald, president of Taseko Mines Ltd., which owns Florence Copper. “While it is the outcome we expected, the closure this decision brings is important for not only for the company, but for all those who benefit from the social and economic contribution we are making to the region.” The legal challenges initiated by the town have now ended in Florence Copper’s favor.

The project has received one of two key permits necessary for commercial operations to begin by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and the federal Environmental Protection Agency is taking the final steps required to issue the second key operating permit. The success of the recent bond offering means capital requirements for commercial production are in hand, according to the company. Final design and engineering of the commercial in-situ production facility as well as procurement of certain critical components is under way.

As featured in Womp 2021 Vol 04 -