Pebble Partnership, Former CEO Receive Grand Jury Subpoena

Northern Dynasty Minerals’ wholly owned subsidiary Pebble Limited Partnership and Tom Collier, the former CEO of the Pebble Partnership, have each been served with a subpoena issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Alaska. The subpoena requests each to produce documents in connection with a grand jury investigation apparently involving previously disclosed recordings of private conversations regarding the Pebble Project.

The company said it and Collier intend to cooperate with the investigation The Ekati diamond mine (above) returns to full operations during January. (Photo: Dominion Diamond Mines) NEWS-LEADING DEVELOPMENTS FEBRUARY 2021 • E&MJ 5 and wasn’t aware of any charges filed against any entity or individual. Collier stepped down from the company back in September after an environmental group released tapes that showed him making comments about his close relationship with elected and regulatory officials in Alaska.

Collier submitted a resignation letter to Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. and said his comments “embellished both his and Pebble Partnership’s relationships with elected officials and federal representatives in Alaska, including Gov. Dunleavy, Sens. [Lisa] Murkowski and [Dan] Sullivan and senior representatives of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.” The videos, which were secretly recorded by individuals posing as investors, were released by the Environmental Investigation Agency and contained conversations with Collier and others with Northern Dynasty President and CEO Ron Thiessen.

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