Andina Sees Significant Results From Processing Modifications

Socially-distanced, Andina millworkers celebrate the improvements at their filtration plant.
Improvements in operational routines, maintenance, reportability and coordinated teamwork have resulted in signifi- cant improvements in the results of the Molybdenum and Copper Filtration Plant (SPMFC) of Codelco’s Andina Division, according to the company.

Last July, the area began a comprehensive review of its processes, in order to identify and solve the problems that affected its performance. The availability of conventional filtering was increased considerably as well as the effective treatment, generating a production increase of 60%, reaching 18,352 metric tons (mt) of fine copper. “The problems were highlighted and in an integral way between supervisors, operators and maintainers, we are solving them,” said Eduardo Morín, superintendent of the SPMFC of the Andina Division. “We knew the transformation was possible and it required some modifications to address problems.”

As featured in Womp 2020 Vol 11 -