Zijin Mining Seeks Tier 1 Status

In September, Zijin Mining convened its Sixth Science and Technology Symposium where Chairman Chen Jinghe highlighted the company’s global development over the past 20 years with scientific and technological innovation as a driving force. While uncertainty surrounding sociopolitical has increased, the mining industry, which is a fundamental one, remains stable, he added, and Zijin Mining plans to become a tier-one mining company through technological innovation and cooperation with other parties and sectors. Becoming a competitively global, tier-one metal mining company is Zijin Mining’s main mission, Zinghe said. To accomplish this, Zinghe said Zijin Mining will advance technological innovation with a global vision and new mindset. The company said it will strive for excellence above international standards.

Its project management model of “five ore treatment processes into one” will be applied and promoted more extensively. Efforts will be made to further uncover large deposits of significant market value, and achieve technological breakthroughs in the use of deep shafts for efficient, cost-saving and safe mining, the company said. In addition, research and application of eco-friendly processing and refining technology will be used to realize the goal of green development in the company’s domestic and overseas projects. The company also plans to “emphatically” develop a highly globalized mechanism for operation and management supported by science and technology. He said Zijin will accelerate the use of data at its mines, and drive for reforms in quality and efficiency.

The company also plans to cooperate with other parties and join forces with various sectors to achieve these developments. “To expeditiously build a new talent base with technical expertise, [Zijin] will reach out globally to explore for acquisition of, or cooperation with high-tech companies that have a strong talent powerhouse,” Zinghe said.

As featured in Womp 2020 Vol 10 - www.womp-int.com