Myanmar Metals Eyeing Initial Pit Development in Myanmar

Myanmar Metals has reported the results of a scoping study that supports development of an initial open pit, to be called the China pit, at its previously mined Bawdwin lead-silver-zinc-copper project in Shan state, northern Myanmar. Myanmar Metals is an Australian company headquartered in West Perth, Western Australia. The China pit scoping study was prepared by CSA Global, also headquartered in West Perth.

Myanmar Metals has a 51% interest in the Bawdwin concession, with the remainder held under a production sharing agreement between Win Myint Mo Industries and Mining Enterprise No. 1, a Myanmar government business entity.

The scoping study contemplates a maximum mining rate of 8.4 million mt/y of combined ore and waste, providing a nominal 1.8 million metric tons per year (mt/y) of plant feed to a coarse-grinding facility located at the Tiger Camp near the mine site. Average plant feed grades are estimated at 6% lead, 149.1 grams/mt silver, 3.1% zinc, and 0.2% copper.

Myanmar Metals is assessing the optimal location of a concentrator; however, the scoping study has assumed that slurry produced at the Tiger Camp facility will be transported via a 12-kilometer (km) pipeline to a concentrator in Namtu. Differential sulphide flotation would produce two concentrates, a clean zinc concentrate and a combined lead-silver-copper concentrate.

The study assumes that the products will be sold in concentrate form to Chinese smelters after being transported from Namtu via road approximately 250 km to the Chinese border town of Ruili, where a railhead is being developed.

Life-of-mine metals recovered to concentrate are estimated at 1 million mt of lead, 80.2 million oz of silver, 517,000 mt of zinc, and 30,000 mt of copper. Capital expenditures to develop the project are estimated at $191 million.

As featured in Womp 2018 Vol 10 -