Tough Truck Beds Can Be Customized

Besler Industries announced the 6000 and 8000 Series Flatbeds. They are designed with utility features, and are made with 11-gauge deck plate, 4-in. channel stringers and 3/16-in. by 3-in. channel cross members.

Standard equipment includes tiedown rails with stake pockets, LED lighting, a bolt-in fifth wheel assembly with 30,000-pound ball, and a bolt-in bumper with receiver hitch. Also standard are trailer connectors in four-pin, six-pole and seven-blade versions. The flatbeds are factory primed and painted with two-component urethane enamels. Lights and trailer plugs are wired with a woven wire harness that is installed in the bed.

The 6000 Series Flatbed has optional equipment that includes removable side rails, chrome handle, and mud flaps, as well as under-the-deck and on-top-of-the-deck tool boxes. A choice of modular fitting, weatherproof tool boxes and sizes are designed to facilitate organization. A selection of five different 6000 Series Flatbed sizes for both single and dual rear wheel trucks is offered.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 09 -