Flow Transmitter for Remote, Limited-power Sites

AW-Lake Co. and SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduced the Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Transmitter. Designed for applications with limited power, the transmitter incorporates an internal high capacity lithium battery that powers the passive inductive flow sensor and radio node for years, even in low temperatures. The flow transmitter can be configured for check-in intervals between five seconds to one hour to save battery life.

Integrating AW-Lake’s TRG turbine or JV-CG or JV-KG positive displacement flow meter with a SignalFire Sentinel radio node, the meter works in a mesh network to send data via Modbus to a Gateway where it is transferred to a PC, PLC or other control system. The wireless radio nodes install themselves automatically in the network and adapt to changes such as data volume, radio transmission conditions and power source conditions. ISM bands sustain radio signal strength through terrain, structures or weather for a range of up to a ˝ mile. Flow rate and total data configurations are available.


As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 09 - www.womp-int.com