Newrange Starts Geophysical Surveys at Pamlico in Nevada

An LHD dumps its load outside the Pamlico portal in Nevada.
MPX Geophysics has started flying highresolution airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys at Newrange Gold’s high-grade Pamlico gold project in Nevada. The company also contracted for a ground-based gravity survey to start on or about August 21. These property- wide geophysical surveys have never been done at Pamlico and are designed to help identify subtle alteration styles and the distribution and extent of favorable rock types that host the majority of the gold occurrences at Pamlico. The geophysical data will help refine known targets, as well as identify new targets for follow-up.

Since acquiring Pamlico, the company has increased the property size more than 160%, staking 1,337 additional hectares comprising 160 claims that cover more than 7 kilometer (km) along a northwest striking belt of variably altered and mineralized carbonate sediments. The company has identified areas within this belt of highly anomalous gold mineralization with surface rock chip samples. Combined with ongoing mapping and sampling programs, the geophysical surveys will be used to refine drill targets.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 09 -