Continuously Monitor OTR Tire Pressure

The Doran 360OTR tire pressure monitoring system continuously monitors air pressure in OTR tires with valve stem-mounted tire pressure sensors. These large bore tire pressure sensors transmit RF signals to a digital monitor/display located in the cab. Wheel positions are programmed into the display with a customizable baseline pressure setting for each tire. The LCD in-cab display features a “Green Means Good” LED indicator light and an interactive screen to display tire status and real-time pressures in the tires. The in-cab monitor/display can operate as a stand-alone system for the equipment operator or it can be integrated with telematics devices to provide off-vehicle communication of tire pressure and temperature data. For telematics integrations and additional off-equipment communication capabilities, a black box monitor is available with pre-wired data harnesses for RS232 or J1939 data outputs.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 06 -