Best-in-class 4-axle Crane Goes Green

Liebherr released the 90-metric ton (mt) LTM 1090-4.2. It is the most powerful 4-axle crane on the market, the company reported. The crane can travel with an axle load of 10 mt, 12 mt and 16 mt. It features a 60-meter (m) telescopic boom, and carries 8.8 mt of ballast with a 12-mt axle load.

A 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final Liebherr diesel engine provides 330 kilowatts and 2,335 Newton-meters (Nm) torque. The ECE-R.96 engine is also available for countries with less stringent emission regulations. ECOdrive and ECOmode reportedly reduce fuel consumption and noise emissions. Liebherr’s VarioBallast and VarioBase also deliver improved performance, flexibility and safety over predecessor competition, the company reported.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 05 -