Silver Mine Gets Electric LHDs

Hecla’s Lucky Friday mine deployed two Artisan Vehicle Systems 153 haulers, which are powered by lithium batteries. The mine is seeking to resolve ventilation and cooling issues, Hecla reported.

The 153 was covered in the December E&MJ. Artisan reportedly designed the 153 around the electric powertrain, battery, and advanced operator control system. The 153 is smaller than a comparable diesel loader, but has 300% of the power, Artisan reported. With 3 metric tons (mt) of tramming capacity, the LHD’s total power is 214 kilowatts and tractive effort is 75 kilonewtons. The powertrain motor’s peak power is 127 kilowatts (kW) or 170 horsepower. Its peak torque is 695 newton meters, or 513 foot pounds. It is powered by a 600 volt DC, 88 kW-hour lithium iron phosphate battery. The bucket is 1.2 cubic meters (m), or 1.5 cubic yards. Lift breakout force is 4,899 kilograms (kg) (10,888 pound force [lbf]); tilt breakout force is 7,031 kg (15,500 lbf). Total operating weight is 9.5 mt.

The principal mining method at Lucky Friday is ramp access, cut and fill, which uses rubber-tired equipment to access silver veins. Previously, the 153 was beta tested in Kirkland Lake Gold’s underground mines.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 04 -