Rugged IoT Controllers

Divelbiss Corp. introduced the HEC-P6000 Family of controllers, enabling machine control, data logging and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in the harshest environments, the company reported. As a part of the VersaCloud connectivity solution, HEC-P6000 controllers have 14 digital inputs, 14 digital outputs, four analog inputs and two analog outputs. If additional input/output (I/O) is required, the CAN and serial ports may be utilized to communicate to expansion I/O or additional controllers.

The controllers feature Ethernet and Wi-Fi ports, and two serial ports for communicating to bar code scanners, RFID readers or other serial devices. Two CAN ports are available. The controllers have optional cellular and GPS capability. For data-logging, a real-time-clock, 512K of battery-backed SRAM, and an internal Micro SD card socket is available. The controllers can communicate data to VersaCloud, where it is date/time stamped and stored. They support supply voltages from 8-32 volts DC, and have an operating temperature range of -40C to 80C.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 03 -