Mobile HVAC Lines Offer Hydraulic or Electric Solutions

Bergstrom, a global supplier of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions to OEM and aftermarket off-highway customers, recently unveiled two new products — the BES2600LH and the DBAC-100, 101 and 200. These, according to the company, are OEM-quality, durable and cost-effective solutions for mine operators who are looking for hydraulically driven or electrified no-idle HVAC solutions for mining vehicles. The BES2600LH is a roof-mounted system containing a heavy-duty hydraulic compressor unit and weighing a little more than 250 lb (113 kilograms). It provides capacity of 25,932 BTU per hour (BTU/ hr) for cooling and 34,120 BTU/hr for heating. Bergstrom’s triple DBAC product lineup comprises an electrified air conditioning system that offers a choice of three different evaporators to service any vehicle configuration: a thin, vertical wall- or floor-mounted system; a universal tower-style system; or a horizontal under-theseat or headliner system. The heart of the three versatile evaporators is a heavy-duty steel case that encapsulates the electric compressor, dual-fan powered condenser and receiver drier. The DBAC systems are available in 12 volt (V) or 24V configurations and generate 6,824 BTU/hr and 10,919 BTU/hr, respectively.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 02 -