Bucket Screens Waste

ALLU unveiled the G-Series 4-32 F, a 35- ton material processing bucket for 250- to 300-metric-ton (mt) front shovel mining excavators. With a payload of more than 55 tons (50 mt), it is the world’s largest, the company reported.

The first model in the G-Series, the 4-32 F doubles as a material processor, screening out waste rock in mining cells as it loads ore onto transport dump trucks. This transforms an excavator into a mobile heavy processing machine. In many operations, it allows the miner to leave the majority of waste rock in the mining cell, the company reported. The 14.2-yd3 (13-m3), 32-mt G 4-32 F comes equipped with the ALLU DARE data reporting system, which enables remote monitoring of the equipment and material processing performance. The bucket is 12.4 ft high by 15.6 ft wide by 12.3 ft deep.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 02 - www.womp-int.com