Metso Pump Cuts Downtime, Power Usage at Turkish Pellet Plant

Metso’s family of Mill Discharge (MD) pumps can
handle flows of up to 6,000 m3/h, wth inlet sizes
currently ranging from 300 to 550 mm, and are
available with either metal or rubber lining.
According to processing equipment supplier Metso, when Erdemir Group — the largest steelmaker of Turkey — began looking for ways to improve reliability and process efficiency of its only iron ore pelletizing facility, the industrial giant enlisted Metso’s MDR 300 slurry pump to help do the job.

The Mill Discharge hard metal (MDM) and Mill Discharge rubber-lined (MDR) slurry pumps are the newest additions to Metso’s range of heavy-duty slurry pumps. The Metso MD series is designed to satisfy current mining-industry market needs and demands for improved, sustained performance, according to the company.

Specifically designed for mill circuit applications, Metso said the MD series offer consistent operation between mill shutdowns. Recent technical innovation make its mill discharge slurry pumps long-lasting and reliable, and the MD series offers the latest high-performance materials that resist abrasion, corrosion and erosion, consistent hydraulic design that limits inlet velocity at best efficiency point, and a modular design that provides flexibility and optimization for continuous pump performance.

Suction-side recirculation is restricted by an adjustable inlet liner/wear plate. When used in conjunction with the axially adjustable bearing cartridge, the design provides for “double adjustment” ensuring that both suction side and gland side impeller clearances can be set and reset at a minimum. Other features include a modular design to ensure easy interchangeability of all metal and rubber parts. The back pull-out design features an optional maintenance slide base for fast, easy and safe inspection.

Since installation, Erdemir’s engineers estimate the power consumption associated with this severe pump service has decreased 5%–10% compared with the previous pump supplied by a competitor. “Very high resistance to wear and lower power consumption results have decreased the labor for maintenance,” said Tamer Sahin, plant maintenance manager, Erdemir Group. The company was sufficiently impressed by the initial pump’s performance that it quickly ordered another, according to Metso.

Erdemir Group is Turkey’s largest steelmaker, and exports its products to more than 40 countries. The company produces 50% of Turkish iron ore output and meets 20% of the country’s iron ore demand. Erdemir’s iron ore pelletizing facility is located in Divrigi, Sivas region, in central Turkey.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 02 -