Boart Licenses Exploration Drilling Data Technology

A Wireless Sub, shown here, can provide more accurate, real-time measurement
of exploration drilling parameters, according to Boart Longyear.
Drilling services provider Boart Longyear signed a licensing agreement with Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC) for the Wireless Sub, a new diamond drilling technology solution.

The Wireless Sub couples the drill rig to the drill rods in the hole and provides more accurate, real time measurement of drilling parameters, such as feed force, torque, water pressure, rotation speed, axial acceleration and tangential acceleration. Real time data from remote drilling sites can be reviewed worldwide by exploration teams, and the technology’s data logging feature allows drillers to replicate the highest performing parameters in any drilling program.

DET CRC was established in 2010 to develop technologies to discover new mineral deposits at depth beneath barren rock cover.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 02 -