Safety Goggles Block Dust, Channel Water

Volk Enterprises company Brass Knuckle Safety Products recently unveiled the Orange Crush Safety Goggles (BKDST-1020NP), made with a rubber gasket designed to seal to the face and channel water away from the eyes. The goggles provide the liquid splash protection of a traditional dust goggle and feature a customizablePivotEase nosepiece; a super-fl ex TPR temple in bright orange for visibility; TempleTouch technology that grips the side of the head; integrated side protection; removable contoured rubber gasket; ANSI-approved hardcoated polycarbonate lenses; N-FOG PLUS anti-fog protection; and an optional strap that locks into the temple for a secure fi t. Lenses are either clear or smoke tinted. Clear lenses allow 91% of the light. Smoke tinted lenses allow 18% of the light. The anti-fog technology reportedly last 45 times longer than the minimum standard of the European EN166/168 standards. The nose piece adjusts automatically. The goggles are abrasion, chemical and UV resistant.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 01 -