Custom Screen Liners Offer Durability

Cast urethane screen wear products by ASGCO, when compared to rubber, last longer; offer superior abrasion, cut and tear resistance; offer superior tolerance to greases, oils, oxygen and ozone; and can better withstand harsh outdoor environments, the company reported. The company’s urethane wear products are cast from ASGCO-thane, a polyurethane compound with a durometer of 80/85, along with steel backing plate for extra added support. ASGCO screen feed box liners are patterned for a direct replacement of the current liner configuration, or, depending on the wear characteristics, change the layout for maximum wear life. Screen side wear liners are boxed in with mild steel or hard plate to prevent premature edge wear or damage. Full custom options come standard.

As featured in Womp 2017 Vol 01 -