Hauler Truck Tire Line has Improved Durability

Michelin has introduced the new MEMSready Earthmover (40.00 R 57 and 53/80 R 63) XDR3 tire line for rigid body trucks operating in surface mines. Three design innovations increase tire life by a minimum of 10% over its predecessor, the MICHELIN XDR 2, the company reported. A new tread pattern improves heat dissipation up to 8 C; puts more rubber in contact with the driving surface; and features interlocking shoulder blocks for reduced movement on cornering and further reduction of wear. Four-compound rubber results in more uniform composition, higher wear resistance and higher thermal capacity. The steel cables are 10% stronger and encapsulated in rubber to reduce corrosion and wear. The 40.00 R 57 MICHELIN XDR3 is currently available. The 53/80 R 63 hits the market in January.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 12 - www.womp-int.com