Shovel Control Software Reduces Operator Faults

Caterpillar’s new control system software, the Operator Assist–Enhanced Motion Control system, available for its 7495 Series Rope Shovels and as an update, is designed to simplify machine operation, allowing the shovel to be operated in a manner that both promotes high production and protects the machine from inadvertent misuse. The new system can enhance production by reducing the occurrence of operating faults, such as hoist-stall, boom jack, crowd impact, crowd over-speed and in-bank swing. The company said the return on investment is “typically less than six months,” and the benefits include more reliable crowd rope replacement schedules, full design life for hoist ropes, reduced wear on crowd brakes, and longer life for hoist gear case components. By intelligently controlling machine motions under certain conditions, the system reduces downtime for maintenance and repair. This translates to added production and lower cost per ton, Caterpillar reported. The software is available for Bucyrus 495 shovels and three 7495 machine classes: 7495 (ER601143 and up); 7495 HF (ER801136 and up); and 7495 HD (ER701167 and up). The update typically takes two hours.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 12 -