Emissions-free Longwall System Designed For Low Seam Deposits

The Cat Rock Straight System, a fully mechanized longwall system comprised of cutting machine HRM220, conveyor HRC30, and roof support HRS1220, enables continuous mining of flat and tabular deposits and reefs of hard rock minerals, the company reported.

Caterpillar said the hard rock shearer uses Cat Activated Undercutting Technology. The 41-metric ton (mt) HRM220-based system features two cutting heads. Each of the units is powered by a 132-kilowatt (kW) (177-hp) motor and can cut rock exceeding 120 megapascal (MPa) (17,404 psi) uniaxial compressive strength. Electronic modules enable remote operation and diagnosis.

The HRC30 conveyor has a haulage capacity of 160 mt (176 tons) per hour, uses high-strength steel, and can be configured to suit different face lengths up to 100 meters (m) (328 ft).

The HRS1220 roof support features a working range of 1,060-2,155 mm (41.7- 84.8 in.) with a yield load of as much as 2,599 kiloNewton (kN) (377 psi).

The mining system is designed to replace conventional drill-and-blast operations in low heights, ranging from 1.3-2 m (4.2-6.6 ft) and in bedded deposits such as some types of platinum, copper and gold deposits, the company reported. The diesel emissions-free system can follow the seam and maximize ore mined while keeping dilution to a minimum.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 11 - www.womp-int.com