Dipper Payload-sensing System Gives ‘High Fidelity’ Measurements

BMT WBM’s PULSETerraMetrixRS (PTMRS) system deploys shear pin loadcell technology in the equalizer of P&H machines or in the reeving blocks of CAT machines to provide real-time dipper payload measurements during the swing cycle prior to dumping.

The system provides measurements, not approximations, Charles Constancon, director of BMT WBM Canada, said. “Unlike other payload monitoring systems, which are based on electrical parameter or structural model estimation techniques to approximate the payload, the PULSETerraMetrixRS system deploys a smart loadcell sensing device, directly measuring the inertial and dynamic loads applied to the dipper and the payload. As a result, high fidelity payload measurement is maintained, even under severe dynamic loading conditions.”

Automatic dipper carry back measurement and compensation supports real-time differential payload calculation, which is crucial for operations where the material can often stick to the dipper, for instance in the Canadian oil sands, the company reported. Productivity improvements of 8%-15% have been proven after deployment of the PTMRS system, which is supported by comprehensive database analytics and automatically generated SQL Server email reporting.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 11 - www.womp-int.com