Portable Crane System Uses Shipping Containers for Base

Konecranes has developed a system that mounts its popular CXT electric overhead traveling crane on a steel frame and two standard ISO shipping containers to create a powerful, adaptable, fully mobile crane, the CXT Explorer. The CXT Explorer is a standard industrial crane that can be taken almost anywhere, and can be assembled, ready to lift, in just a few hours using standard shipping containers as its base. With a lifting height of 5 m and a span of 5 m, there is clearance for most field lifting needs, yet its compact size allows easy travel. The crane can be dismantled quickly, and the shipping containers double as storage for the crane components, service tools, equipment, and spare parts. It is adaptable to different environments, including sites with little or no infrastructure, and can run on a generator if there is no permanent source of electricity. It includes thermal and weather protection for use in extreme climates and on difficult terrain. The entire crane footprint can be covered with a special tent to shield users from the weather. The units can also be tethered together to provide a longer system.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 10 - www.womp-int.com