Particle Size Monitor Has Expanded Functionality

Split Engineering has released a new version of its Split-Online automated fragmentation size measurement system. According to the company, Split-Online, to date, has been installed at more than 140 mine operations, encompassing more than 560 camera locations. The system provides an online measurement of particle size distribution information from post-blast muck piles to primary crusher feed to mill recycle. Split Engineering said optimizing fragmentation during blasting and controlling the crushing and grinding circuits can often achieve substantial benefi ts in improved performance and/or reduced costs. Version 5.0 includes a dashboard that presents particle size results in a web browser for immediate data access, quality control and live image viewing. Additional color and brightness information measurements provide new opportunities for ore and rock type identification and the option for profiles that enable custom settings for different operating conditions, such as day/night for ambient light cameras and custom calibration settings for different ore/rock types.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 08 -