Cone Crusher Line Offers Performance and Productivity Improvements

Weir Mineralsí new Trio Top Performance (TP) cone crusher range combines aggressive crushing action, high crushing force and high power. Weir said the new line of compact, robust crushers offer advanced cone crusher automation technology to ensure continuous high performance and application versatility. All Trio TP cone crushers feature a steep crushing chamber angle, a large crushing stroke and optimum speed to deliver a finer product through increased interparticle comminution. According to the company, cone crushers typically are operated with high-tension belt drives that are inefficient, require frequent maintenance and also become worker entanglement risk zones. Weir has designed a reliable direct-drive option that can be combined with a variable frequency drive to further optimize crusher performance, resulting in significant energy savings. The TP line includes features such as high flow, high pivot point, large throw and large head diameters to provide enhanced performance. All units are fully instrumented with advanced lubrication and hydraulic systems, allowing customers to monitor vibration, motion, temperature, flow and pressure.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 08 -