Filters for Industrial Water Treatment and Recovery

Yardney Water Filtration Systems now offers Filtaworx automatic self-cleaning screen filters as part of its commercial and industrial product line. The new filters are claimed to provide superior protection for industrial process water, incoming plant water, wastewater cleanup and industrial water for plant reuse. The system is simple to install and can be mounted in any position or orientation with minimal space requirements. It removes algae, slime, organic/inorganic contaminants and sand grit with fine filtration to 250 mesh or 50 microns. Eight models with nominal flow rates from 444 gpm to 3,960 gpm (1,6801,5000 l/min) are available. A heavy-duty 304 stainless filter body provides corrosion resistance in most environments. Sectional screens allow easy replacement of a screen section if damage occurs, instead of the entire cartridge. Automatic operation of the self-cleaning cycle initiates when a preset pressure drop is reached. Maximum operating pressure is 150 psi.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 07 -