Rock Drill Combines Percussive Power With a Low Physical Profile

Doofor said its newest model in the DF550/560-series of rock drill is the most powerful unit available in the company’s product line. The DF560L-2M, a highfrequency hydraulic rock drill designed for production drilling in surface and underground applications, is equipped with two 160-cm3 Danfoss OMS-series rotation motors as standard equipment, and generates 20 kW of percussion power. Optimal maximum hole diameter for the DF560L-2M is 89 mm [3.5 in.] in hard rock; larger hole diameters may be achievable when drilling in softer materials. The unit has a very low profi le that enables a wider range of drill-positioning angles as well as increased effi ciency, and also provides more possibilities in drill rig design. Its fl ushing head allows the use of different fl ushing media such as water or air or air-water mist. As an option, Doofor offers a new BLT-fl ushing head made of stainless steel and designed for challenging environments. The DF560L-2M can accept R38, T38 and T45 shank adapters and, when the BLT-fl ushing head is used, also accepts female FR28 and FR32 shank adapters.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 05 -