Outotec’s Modular cPlant Concept Offers Affordable Flotation Solution

Outotec’s cPlant concept comprises pre-fabricated, factory-tested flotation-plant modules mounted inside
container-sized steel frames that can be easily transported and quickly connected.
Outotec has launched a new flotation plant concept called cPlant, a modular and mobile flotation setup that the company said offers an affordable solution for small mine sites, or sites requiring additional capacity with low investment cost.

According to Outotec, a cPlant comprises prefabricated and functionally tested modules mounted inside container- sized steel frames that can be easily transported and installed, and quickly connected to the process. The core of the plant consists of Outotec flotation equipment, including its FloatForce mixing mechanism and TankCell technologies and features. These, together with its process control and automation solutions, claim to ensure high process efficiency.

Because most of the installation and test work is done at Outotec’s workshop, the plant requires less preparatory construction as well as less installation and commissioning time on-site, providing a faster track to production with less cost. Typical processes that can benefi t from the plant handle up to 3 million t/y of ore, although the system is not limited to that level. In addition, the plant’s modular steel frame construction makes it economical to move to a new site once the ore deposit at the old site is processed.

The benefits listed by Outotec are:
• 20% lower capital investment compared with conventional fl otation plant;
• Faster startup—95% of plant installation work plus precommissioning can be done prior to delivery;
• Efficient installation—requires 30% less labor than a conventional fl otation plant and is 30% quicker to install than competing solutions;
• Minimal civil engineering work required on the site;
• Containerized unit is easy and cost effi - cient to transport enabling reuse at other mine sites; and
• Flexible, modular setup can be reconfigured if changes are needed.

A standard plant consists of flotation cell and launder modules. Additional available modules include: Pumping, Blower, Motor Control Center (MCC), Reagent Preparation, Reagent Dosing, Conditioner, Control Room, Automation Room and Analyzer.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 05 - www.womp-int.com