Submersible Pump Range Gets New Model

Numa’s Grindex recently unveiled its Maxi H-Lite electrical submersible pump. Equipped with a 25-kW motor, it fi lls a gap between the company’s 18-kW Matador and 37- kW Maxi models. The Maxi H-Lite pump is fi tted with a redesigned and optimized top cover, including a new type of cable entry that ensures that the junction chamber remains water-free. The Maxi pump is available with an open impeller, in either hard iron or stainless steel. The hydraulic section features an adjustment sleeve that is standard in the Minex-Matador range, and offers a way to easily readjust impeller suction-cover clearance to regain as-new performance after wear.

Grindex also has included similar updates for the Maxi H, Maxi N and Maxi L in the same product family, and the Maxi H pump received a facelift with a lighter and more compact design. Wear adjustment will also be incorporated in the redesign of these 37-kW siblings of the Maxi-Lite, and Maxi H, Maxi N and Maxi L units will be available with semi-open impellers in either hard iron or stainless steel.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 04 -