Conveyors for Steep-angle Transport

ContiTech has reintroduced to the North American market two conveyor belt products that can carry loads up a vertical incline as steep as 90° in surface and underground applications. The belt systems—Pocketlift and Flexowell—are designed to transport bulk materials from loading point to unloading point up steep inclined or vertical applications. Pocketlift systems, for deep-shaft underground applications in the mining and tunneling industry, provide a lifting height up to 800 m (2,620 ft). Pocketlift technology allows the opportunity for a continuous mass fl ow over several hundred feet lift height, providing additional benefi ts such as low energy consumption, small shaft diameter, low maintenance costs and no need for underground bunkers. Flexowell systems can carry materials over 1,640 ft (500 m) in a vertical lift with capacities up to 6,000 tons per hour (t/h). These systems handle above-ground bulk materials up to 16 in. (400 mm) in fragment size.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 04 -