Simulator Trains Operators on Cat Off-highway Truck

Simformotion has introduced a new Cat Simulators off-highway truck system, featuring authentic controls combined with simulated applications designed to teach controls familiarization, how to perform a machine walkaround, systems testing, driving, hauling, braking, two loading methods, unloading, full production cycle and a special open training mode that allows users to practice any technique or application learned in other exercises. Exclusive to Cat Simulators is SimU Campus, the software that records and reports the results of all simulation sessions so instructors and users can track progress. Hundreds of benchmarks based on Caterpillar expert operators are included in the system, with the operatorís performance measured against these benchmarks and outcomes recorded and reported. Special bonus features on the off-highway truck system include companion iPad training, multiple languages and available motion platform.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 03 -