Wheel Loader Features Larger Bucket, Lower Fuel Consumption

Komatsu America has introduced the WA600-8 wheel loader, equipped with features that allow the loader to use up to 13% less fuel than its Tier 3 predecessor by optimizing control of engine power, and improving power train and hydraulic efficiency. Standard bucket capacity has been increased to 9.2 yd3.

Standard equipment on the WA600-8 includes a 23-liter, 529-hp SAA6D170E-7 diesel; SmartLoader Logic, combined with the enhanced lockup torque converter that activates in second, third and forth gear to provide optimal engine torque for improved acceleration, hill-climbing ability, a higher top speed and fuel savings; and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and other after-treatment components that are designed in conjunction with the engine for efficiency and long life. Komatsu said more than 98% of DPF regeneration is performed passively, with no action required of the operator and no interference with machine operation.

An Auto Idle Shutdown reduces idle time and saves fuel, while a variable traction control system and modulated clutch system provide optimal tractive effort for various ground conditions. An enhanced auto-dig function reduces operator effort required to fill the bucket. Komatsuís integrated load meter data is available on the machine monitor and remotely via the Web.

In-cab enhancements range from a new, air-suspension, high-back, heated seat that softens machine vibrations for operator comfort, to cast frame members that increase strength. Other features include seat-mounted electronic pilot control levers and a KOMTRAX Plus telematics system/monitor that provides key machine metrics, including DPF status and DEF-level data, fuel consumption, and performance information collected and sorted by operator ID.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 03 - www.womp-int.com