Data Gateway for Remote Monitoring

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry now offers a Modbus DIN mount gateway that combines a high-power SignalFire radio with gateway electronics in a compact module with external SMA antenna connections for installation flexibility in remote monitoring applications. SignalFire’s remote sensing systems consist of a gateway and nodes that connect to remote assets and extract data from or send control data to those devices through other nodes and/or the gateway. The SignalFire Gateway serves as a two-way interface, connecting asset managers to a remote mesh network of assets using industry-standard Modbus protocol. All sensor data is stored in Modbus format. Housed in a narrow module, the SignalFire DIN mount gateway operates over long ranges (+3 miles/+1.8 km). Modbus RTU (RS485) and TCP (with Ethernet module) are used for remote asset data monitoring and control. The unit contains an ARM processor capable of holding all remote data registers as well as providing outbound control of the remote assets via the SignalFire wireless mesh network.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 02 -