Hitachi Adds Two Midrange AC-drive Haulers

Hitachi’s two newest haulers are AC electric units, both using a drive system developed by
the company and drivecontrol software that improves truck handling.
Hitachi recently introduced two new models—the 200-ton EH3500AC-3 and the 240-ton EH4000AC-3—both equipped with an advanced AC-drive system developed by Hitachi. The company said it coupled the AC-drive system, which has a load-responsive IGBT inverter, with drive control software to better control travel motor speed and torque. The Hitachi drive-control system aims to achieve higher drive control performance by reducing tire slippage on acceleration and tire lockup during braking, and preventing chassis oscillation in a frontrear direction and tire skid while steering.

“This is a fully integrated truck from the drive to the frame,” Mace said. “We do not need to rely on another company’s technology. The slippage control on these AC-3 units prevent over-steering or drifting. The drive controls the pitch, eliminating that rebounding effect from an oscillating chassis. The anti-skid feature prevents oversteering on turns.”

Hitachi has not overlooked safety. At MINExpo 2012, the company introduced the SkyAngle feature giving the operator 360° vision around the truck. “We are currently working on an object detection feature that will be integrated into that system,” Mace said. Hitachi is also working on a collision avoidance system, which will be incorporated into its autonomous haulage system (AHS).

Mace mentioned that Hitachi engineers are working with Wenco to improve scheduling systems. “Many of these systems were geared toward larger operations and we’re hoping to scale that down for smaller operators,” Mace said.

Mace also said that Hitachi is looking to incorporate some of the popular technology from its smaller trucks into the larger trucks. As an example, he referred to maintenance access points where Hitachi has moved from vertical ladders to stairways with open access. “The cabs are being redesigned with LCD monitors replacing the traditional gauges and dials,” Mace said. Looking toward the future, Mace said Hitachi will connect both mechanical and electric drive trucks to Hitachi’s global eService.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 01 -