Rotary Drill Bits Provide Longer Service Life

Sandvik’s new RR221 bit series is the latest addition to the company’s rotary blasthole bit line. Developed to meet the need for a more productive and longer-lasting rotary bit, the new model represents a more resilient bit designed to extend bearing hours—saving customers money, reducing safety risks and boosting productivity. The RR221 series employs a patented, modularized air bearing platform, which minimizes spalling during sustained loads and delivers 10%–25% longer bearing hours, with bit life increasing by up to 30% compared with the previous generation Sandvik RR220 range. Sandvik RR221 sizes range from 159 to 311 mm (6- 1/4 to 12-1/4 in.) and rock hardness capability from 10 MPa to more than 500 MPa.

As featured in Womp 2016 Vol 01 -