Air Dryer Solves Water Issues in Fluid Storage

Water in fluid tanks can cause major problems— corrosion, pump cavitation, viscosity changes, additive dropout, oxidation and other issues. To address this problem, Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions, a business unit of Donaldson Co., recently introduced its Reservoir Air Dryer for tanks and reservoirs. The Donaldson Reservoir Air Dryer offers a solution to curb the damaging effects of moisture by dehydrating the reservoir headspace and removing dissolved moisture from exposed oils and fuels. The air dryer combats moisture by introducing a steady flow of clean, dry air into tanks and reservoirs. The airflow keeps humidity relatively low in the headspace, pulling moisture from the fluids and preventing condensation. Installation is easy and takes relatively little time, according to the company—users simply connect compressed air to the inlet of the unit and plumb into the headspace of the tank or reservoir.

As featured in Womp 2015 Vol 12 -