Torque Limiter Now Has Remote Reset Capability

Rexnord has incorporated remote-reset functionality into its Autogard 820 Series torque limiter, designed for high-torque, heavy-duty applications such as mining to help protect equipment during shock loads, overloads and jams. The popular Autogard 820 Series torque limiter is now available with Remote- Reset, an option well-suited for situations where the control center and the equipment are a considerable distance apart, or where the torque limiter is located behind complex guards and covers. From its disengaged position, the Autogard 820 Series Remote-Reset torque limiter can be reset in seconds using pneumatic controls without the need to physically approach the unit. The Remote- Reset feature is also available as a retrofit upgrade to existing Autogard 820 Series torque limiter installations.

As featured in Womp 2015 Vol 11 -