Streamlight Handheld Units Offer Lighting Options

Streamlight’s 3C Propolymer HAZ-LO is an Intrinsically Safe, high performance, three C cell-powered LED flashlight. It features a tail switch for momentary or constant-on operation, integrated retained face cap lock and module polarity protection. The body is constructed of an engineered polymer resin that is said to be virtually indestructible, shockresistant, anti-static, nonconductive and light. The unit is rated at 150 lumens, 7,000 candela peak beam intensity with an effective 167-m beam distance. Its lightly textured parabolic reflector is designed to provide a smooth uniform beam with optimum peripheral illumination. Operation is electronically regulated. Available in high-visibility yellow or orange, the light is 9.3 in. (24 cm) long, 1.5 in. (3.7 cm) in diameter (body) with a face cap diameter of 2 in. (5.3 cm), and weighs 6.8 oz (193 g). The Streamlight Knucklehead HAZ-LO is a lightweight, rechargeable, handheld Intrinsically Safe work light with an articulating head that rotates 360°. This light features a strong magnet for secure placement, LED technology, microprocessor- controlled high- and lowintensity modes, emergency flash and moonlight mode. Spot and flood models are available with an integrated hang hook or clip. The removable magnet, with 135-lb pull strength, has a replaceable rubber protective boot. The light also is available with an optional four AA-cell carrier for non-rechargeable operation. The housing, base and battery case are made from high-impact nylon for exceptional durability, with all openings O-ring sealed for weather resistance. A one-way valve allows case venting. All models are available in highvisibility yellow or orange.

As featured in Womp 2015 Vol 08 -