Roobuck’s Cap Lamp Bracket is Highly Adjustable

Australia-based Roobuck’s Cap Lamp Bracket is designed to convert a fixedmount cap lamp into an adjustable mount, allowing wearers to move the lamp beam freely while remaining on the hat. On fixed-mount cap lamps, the beam angle is permanent because neither the bracket on the helmet nor the clip on the headpiece has a mechanism to adjust the angle. With the Roobuck Cap Lamp Bracket installed, miners no longer have to remove the cap lamp from their hard hat to shine a beam in a particular direction. Instead, they can simply rotate the lamp up or down to illuminate anything from ground level to overhead. According to the company, the bracket extends out far enough to allow the lamp to shine down vertically without obstruction from the visor rim. When not needed, the bracket folds up and functions like a normal cap lamp bracket, ready to be extended when a different beam angle is required. Roobuck offers a free on-site trial (limited to three devices per mine) available by completing a form on the company’s website.

As featured in Womp 2015 Vol 08 -