NightStick’s Intrinsically Safe Lighting Choices

Bayco Products offers a line of NightStick high-visibility, rugged and Intrinsically Safe penlights, flashlights and headlamps. The NightStick XPP-5410G penlight is a compact, slim, non-rechargeable unit that is Intrinsically Safe and provides powerful light output designed to illuminate tight spaces. The tail-cap switch provides momentary or constanton functionality. Power comes from two AAA premium batteries. It is rated at 30 lumens, with 18 hours of run time, and provides maximum beam distance of 130 ft (40 m). The case is chemical resistant, with a non-slip grip finish and built-in pocket/belt clip. Bayco’s Nightstick XPP- 5422B/G non-rechargeable flashlight also is listed as Intrinsically Safe. It uses LEDs rated at 140 lumens, in conjunction with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector to create a flashlight beam rated at 590 ft (180 m). The single body switch provides momentary or constant-on functionality, along with flashlight-beam, floodlight-beam and combined beam operation. Power comes from three AA premium batteries. The XPP-5458G headlamp is rated at 175 lumens in dualbeam mode, 100 lumens in spotlight mode and 18 lumens in red floodlight mode. Offering 18 hours of run time from three premium AA batteries, the IP-X7- rated headlamp features a ratchet-tilt lamp mount and non-slip rubber straps for hard hat use. The headlamp is listed as Intrinsically Safe.

As featured in Womp 2015 Vol 08 -