NLTís Genesis Cap Lamp Accepts Tracking Tags

Building upon the features developed for Northern Light Technologiesí popular Polaris model, their second-generation cordless Genesis cap lamp offers the ability to integrate miner tracking tags while keeping the battery and light source in a single enclosure. Using the contemporary design of the Polaris, the Genesis maintains the light pattern consistent with all NLT lamps and has the same look and feel as the Polaris, but with slightly increased depth of the back housing to accommodate a tracking tag. Users can choose from a variety of RFID or Wi-Fi tags, all powered by the Genesis battery; tag compatibility is subject to approval. The company noted that U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approval for Genesis is with an Aeroscout tracking tag installed, but the cap lamp itself has MSHA approval; if the customer wants to install another brand of tag, it can be submitted for MSHA approval. Specifications for the Genesis include a battery charge time of 10 hours, discharge time of more than 12 hours using the main LED and more than 40 hours with the secondary LED, emergency light flashing activated with five-second hold-down, and lux rating of 4,000 (minimum) and 5,500 (typical). Ingress protection is IP65.

As featured in Womp 2015 Vol 08 -